19th December, 2016.

New solar pool cover and roller ordered. Yes, our old pool cover is now over 8 years old, so we ordered a new one from the same place (www.covers4pools.com). It gives our pool up to an 8˚C increase in temperature and also reduces water and chemical wastage.

18th December, 2016

Family hike from Sardernes towards Sant Aniol d'Aigua in the Alta Garrotxa. The water was much faster running than normal and we had to remove our shoes to cross some parts of the stream. It was definitely cold. I also had to undress and go in to save Jura, our labrador at one point. For some unknown reason she decided to go a grab a branch of a tree in the rapid water and would not let go. She was determined to get the branch and was then becaming stressed and would not let go. So I had to have an unplanned dip in the mountain stream. This route is so beautiful and with lovely rock pools to splash and bathe in, the kids will keep on hiking all day.

14th December, 2016

Shooting stars. Amazing display from the Geminid meteor shower. So bright like firework rockets.

11th December, 2016.

Family MTB Sunday December afternoon. Flat 12km loop around the Pla de Matis from Hotel Mas Pelegri. Yes, it does rain here about 1 or 2x per month. This area of the Pla is usually where there is a lake and a stream, but they are pretty empty this year, only large puddles, which is a shame because if the stream is running there is an amazing water fall.

8th December, 2016.

Pubic holiday here, so beautiful hilly family MTB ride. 9kms of fun. We also took Islay, our labrador, so the two older ladies remained to the back until the final hill!


7th December, 2016.

Road bike ride. Lovely weather here in Catalunya!


1st December, 2016

It's continuing education time again. Gareth completed the new International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) course and exam. I just completed water management for human consumption (Dipsalut Girona). Then we have a legionella's course and a public swimming pool course all in the first weeks of December, then more courses next February.... Here in Spain, like the UK, you have to keep updating and redoing courses. It is a good thing, as the rules keep changing and we need to keep up to date. But with running a cycling, triathlon, MTB and activity hotel, we have to do a huge number of courses to keep up to date with. All of our workers and us also have to do food hygiene courses every 2 years and we also like to have all of our workers and us of course do a life saving course. We take our guests health and well being very seriously.

30th November, 2016.

Autumnal evening walks: Every evening I walk our 3 labradors from the Hotel, into the wood, over the field and down the track behind the Hotel. Timing is usually between 10.30 and midnight, so obviously I have a head torch. As the dogs bomb and play fight along their regular nightly route sometimes with me and sometimes ahead, I seem to come across an array of other wildlife. Last week as we returned the dogs disturbed a herd of juvenile wild boar from the trees and undergrowth next to the Hotel. At first I thought the dogs were blasting down the track and then I realised there were many more feet! The boar passed me by within a few feet with Tank running playfully behind, thinking it was great fun. The last two evenings we have met Sally Mander (photo right), who seems quite happy to stand in the middle of the path as we bomb by.

29th November, 2016.

Cycling endurance training camp 9th to 16th January, 2016, at Hotel Mas Pelegri with the Adventure Syndicate. Bursaries and shorter stays available.

3rd November, 2016.

History: Pelegri translates to Pilgrim. Hotel Mas Pelegri was originally one of the places to stay on the trail to Santiago de Compostela. The family who we bought the ruins of Mas Pelegri from moved the old shrine on the trail on the Pla de Matis into the church of Serinya for safe keeping. So you can come and stay at Hotel Mas Pelegri and also still visit the ancient shrine.

1st of November, 2016.

Beautiful family hike with Luke, who is going to come to work with us for 2017. Wild swimming in the Garrotxa volcanic national park, close to El Sallent, between Mieres and Santa Pau.

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