Triathlon Coaching

Coaching sessions can be booked for 1 hour, half day, full day or a fully coached week or join one of our small group coached camps.

Swimming coaching includes technique work with video analysis drills and open water training.

Running includes technique work and video analysis and drills to maintain momentum and skills to get going after the bike.

Bike training sessions will cover cornering, descending, ascending, efficient peddling and maintaining momentum.

Nutrition and hydration while racing and training can also be covered.

You may ask what are the extra sessions the pros do to improve their performance? One is REST and the others are neurophysiology training and bike set up.

What do we mean by neurophysiology?

In endurance sports efficiency and weight are the key elements to a great performance. This means you must perfect your technique (swimming, cycling and running) and your aero/hydrodynamics (swimming and cycling), so you go as fast as possible with less effort. Becoming faster, stronger and more efficient does not necessarily mean you need to build muscle. The main thing is to make the muscle as effective and efficient as possible. Your central nervous system controls how you coordinate a particular movement. So by strengthening these pathways your movements will become more efficient. The exercises are simple but effective and we have seen huge gains even in athletes at the top of their profession.

We want to help you to reach your potential.

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