Hotel Mas Pelegri Facilities

On site we have a 25 metre pool, sauna, free WIFI, laundry room, massage room, bike room with stand, bike tools and track pump and a gym with free weights, swiss balls and mats.

The 25 metre pool can be set up with 2 anti-splash lane ropes to provide 3 lanes. We also have a solar pool cover which allows us to gain an extra 8˚C to the pool temperature in the Spring and Autumn months. The pool is open year round, but in November, December, January, February and March, we would suggest wearing wetsuits. We do have a few available in different sizes if you do not wish to bring your own. The pool is a Salt Chlorine pool and we test the free chlorine, total chlorine and the pH twice daily. The water quality is also lab tested once a month. There is also a small pool for children and for adults to sit and relax in in the Summer.

The sauna is a far red infra red sauna which helps with boosting immunity and recovery.


The bike room has two bike stands, track pumps, tools and turbos. We have a mechanic on site. Gareth is also an accredited international bike fitter. There is plenty of room to store bikes and bike boxes inside within the main hotel building. So you can rest assured we take you and your bikes safety very seriously. We do have spare inner tubes available for 5 euros each and we do have gas canisters (free) for you to borrow.

Bike rentals: We have SwiftCarbon attack road bikes with ultegra components and compact chainset (50x34), children's Worx bikes, MTB/trail bikes and Garmins are available for rent on site.

The laundry room has a washing machine (small fee) and laundry soap (free). We also have a drying rack and you can also hang your clothes outside to dry.

The gym has mats, free weights, swiss balls, balance devices including a bosu and rollers.

We have a massage room and you can book sports massages by time, 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour etc. Fiona is a sports massage and sports injury therapist. We also have ice packs and rollers available.

We have a large 9 seater people carrier and bike trailer and a large bike roof rack. We also have a 5 seater car that can fit up to 3 bike bags and 3 people. We can offer airport, hotel and train station transfers, SAG and emergency back up. We also work with a local taxi service, so please let us know how we can help.

For open water swim training there is the crystal clear Banyoles Lake, which is only 5km from the hotel. It is approximately 2km long and 0.5km wide. It is an incredible location with the Volcanoes of the Garrotxa region rising from its western edge.  There is a 500 metre long swim area in the lake right from the swim club. There are also two indoor 25m pools right at the lake and a 50 metre ppol 20km away in Girona. Via Bravas have bouyed open water swim routes at a variety of locations in the Med from 0.5km to 2km for you to enjoy.

For cycling you will enjoy beautiful scenery, while riding on quiet, well maintained roads. The weather is fantastically warm and sunny and you have the Pyrenees, the Garrotxa Volcanic National Park and the Mediterranean all within cycling distance (this is the training ground of many prestigious professional cyclists). Also cycling is a national sport in Spain, so the other road users appreciate cyclists and will not try and run you off the road.

For mountain biking there are a myriad of trails of all difficulty levels, from gravel roads to technical single track, to climbs and steep descents and everything inbetween.

For running, there are a myriad of gorgeous off-road trails, that commence directly from the Hotel's door. There are beautiful routes in the area from the beautiful off-road trail around the Banyoles lake, to a lovely forested 10km trail that goes right over the top of two volcanoes, one of which has an idyllic church situated right inside its crater. Catalonia has done an amazing job at preserving all of its old pack-horse trails, so that people can enjoy these routes for generations to come. There are also free running tracks in Banyoles (grit) and Olot (tartan 400m).

Other activities available in the area include horse riding (centre 1km from the Hotel), kayaking, ropes & zip lines, canyoning, via ferrate, rock climbing, golf, tennis, quad biking, paintball, painting, wine, artisan beer & olive oil tasting, site seeing and gastronomy.


Girona Cycling S.L., Serinyà, 17852 Girona, Spain.

Call or WhatsApp us on +34 697 415 018, or 00134 697 415 018 (from the US), or email