Family hiking in Girona

We offer self guided and guided hiking year round from Hotel Mas Pelegri 3*. Every stay at Hotel Mas Pelegri 3* includes route maps, GPS downloads for garmins and smartphone apps and emergency back up. Please contact us with your requirements. Come and enjoy fabulous hikes as a family in this quiet beautiful countryside, from a few kms to 20kms.

This area has fantastically picturesque trails perfect for hiking. Trails lead right from the hotel door and include trails up into the volcanic national park, along the river Fluvia, or to the medieval town of Besalu or to the Banyoles lake, or to the medieval caves of Serinya. We also make sure there are fun stops along the way to view wildlife, relax for a drink or ice cream or plunge into a lake or river to cool off.

There is year round hiking with dry sunny winters, beautiful picturesque Spring and Autumns days and wonderful morning and evening Summer runs. In the Summer it gets light early and stays light until late in the evening. Maximum Summer morning temperatures of 20˚C make morning walks a joy. It does not get hot until midday or later, with maximum afternoon temperatures of around 34˚C at 2 to 4pm and then it cools off again in the evening.

Trails further afield include one into the centre of a volcanoes crater which contains a church. There are also beautiful trails into the Pyrenees and along mountain stream valleys with rock pools and water falls and up into the high mountains. In spring there are the spring flowers and orchids, in summer it is lovely and warm and you can enjoy refreshing dips in the lake and mountain rivers. In Autumn the leaves change colour making for beautiful colourful scenery. In winter it is still warm once the sun (1st of Jan has seen highs of 20˚C) comes up and most days are sunny, making for enjoyable hiking and trail running. While hiking, I (Fiona), have seen wild bore (evening or early morning), deer, salamanders, toads, rabbits, hedgehogs, fox, egrets, herons, hoopoes, owls, jays, woodpeckers and raptors etc. Catalonia can boast 232 species of regular breeding birds not including the migrating birds. We as a family quite often hike with our labradors and rarely meet anyone except riders from the local horse stable. Night hikes are also fun with a head torch and the other night eli and I saw two shooting stars, bright like a brilliant firework, from the Geminids meteor shower, within a few minutes of each other.

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