We have a fleet of SwiftCarbon rental bikes. SwiftCarbon make great bikes, sporty responsive, but also stable and comfortable.

Spin Industry Wheels:
Spin wheels are amazing. They are aero, light, robust, reliable, great handling, and safe in all conditions, wet or dry.

Helpful Links


The Catalan triathlon federation.


The Catalan cycling federation.

Vies Braves:
Vies Braves have 18 open water swimming lanes, from Barcelona to the French border and also in the lake at Banyoles.

Tri247 is a UK triathlon community with race calendar, results, club listings and training information.

For advice for outdoor enthusiasts written by athletes, coaches, and health and fitness specialists visit Time Outdoors. Covers running, biking, walking, and climbing. He write coaching articles for the website.

Arcada de Fares:
For groups bigger than 45 we recommend Arcada de Fares, a friendly, family run apratment/hotel. It also has a great restaurant on site.

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