Privacy Statement.

Every web site you visit records which pages you view. We are no different. We use this data in order to improve our site, and give you a more enjoyable browsing experience.

If you become a Girona Cycling client or enter one of our competitions or giveaways we will have collected your E-mail address, postal address and other personal details. This information will never be shared with anyone... ever. We may share some demographic information with our sponsors (present and future) but no contact details will be divulged. From time to time we may prepare mailings, both electronic and postal. These will provide info on special offers, new products and other services. If at anytime you no longer wish to receive them, simply contact us, by E-mail, phone or mail.

GDPR statement and our loyalty club:

By entering the loyalty code on our website or by agreeing to be a member of our loyalty club you are agreeing to be part of our loyalty program. Our loyalty program offers discounts off B&B and depending on the level you reach may also include discounted bike rental and other services. By being part of our loyalty program you are agreeing to allow us to e-mail you with our newsletter up to 3 x a year to keep you up to day about what is happening at hotel Mas Pelegri and Girona Cycling S.L. We only keep on file your e-mail address, any details pertinent to a new booking you have made with us such as being vegan or the bike that you would like to rent. We also keep on file how long you have previously stayed with us in the past and how much your invoices were, as all of this information along with your name is on your invoices which have to be kept for the tax office (your e-mail address is not on our invoices). We never share your information with any other party. All hotels are legally required to give guests passport numbers or identity card numbers into the Police database at the time of their stay and also invoice numbers and names are also handed to our accountants and the Spanish tax office (Agencia tributaria). No e-mail addresses are ever handed out to anyone or any other company, unless a guest has specifically asked for their phone number or e-mail address to be forwarded to for example the local horse riding centre or other activity centre so that they can arrange directly their activities. We take our guests privacy very seriously. At any time you can e-mail us unsubscribe and we will remove your e-mail address from our loyalty program.

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